Investor: Essens (CZ)
Light solution: A77 architekti a HELIO

Used light: Coridor VU, Multiline 111 CC, Ramlux, Multiline C, Coridor U54


Essens – new HQ of a dynamic developing company on the field of cosmetics and parfumes in Brno. The conception of lighting systems for a modern attractive building has been developed in a close cooperation with architectural studio A77 Architects. The vision of demanding and detail-aiming owner of this company tested our capabilities to deal with new and innovative solutions of light conception. Especially sophisticated cubism lines of recessed frameless fixtures CORIDOR VU throughtout the building proved to be the technical and conception challenge.

The entry of the modern building is highlighted by design light fittings Multiline 111 CC. In a combination with a glossy floor and vertical „green wall“, the usage of those lighting fixtures emphasizes the unique atmosphere of the entrance space of the company.

In the administrative part of the building, RAMLUX light fittings has been used in two different vertical levels, expressing the size of this space. In the top level of the company Multiline 111 C of various sizes and colours take place, corresponding with wide-ranged architecture and futuristic impression of the whole building. The solution is completed with CORIDOR U54 used in the storage, combining functionality and attractive design with very small demands for maintenance.

All the light fittings are equipped by the latest LED sources with a luminous flux up to 172 lm/W and index of colour authenticity CCT80 with a minimal lifetime of 50 000 hours. Also the usage of dimming ballasts for a necessity for this case, allowing to adapt the light conditions in the whole building and amend the atmosphere inside of a head office of this leading world-wide company.